21 tammikuuta 2015

Nyt mukaan...

Aivan ihana kilpailu kaikille.
Nyt mukaan, pääset tästä!

Hello followers, 

I think it is time again for a nice Candy.
 We have almost reached 1500 Followers,
 we want all our great followers to have a change in winning a Copic Carrying Case. 
(Sorry, it will be without markers)
This is our way to say thank you girls and guys for staying with us, visiting our blog and giving us your nice comments.

There is place in this case for more than all your 358 Copic markers, you can also put your Spica's or Multiliners in it.
It is very lightweight, incase you want to travel accompanied by your markers.
We will send it only to European contires and the Middle East.

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